The Texture King has been texturing ceilings in Calgary for over a decade. This company is owner operated which means you will not beat my quality or my prices.

Popcorn texture removal, Knockdown application, step 5: Skim coating the ceiling with a layer of drywall mud

The easiest and most cost effective way to get rid of an oil painted popcorn texture ceiling is to skim a layer of mud over top of the old texture. This gives you a brand new fresh clean and smooth surface to work with similar to a freshly drywalled ceiling. You can then paint or apply new texture.

You can apply this mud in 2 different ways. You can wipe it on with a trowel or spray it on and then wipe it down with a trowel. I use the second method. The ceiling is then left for 24 hours to dry. It is then sanded, primed with a latex paint and then textured.

Photos of a ceiling freshly skim coated with a layer of drywall mud

As you can see in the two photos below the stains from the drywall have spread through and are now visible in the new layer of mud I just skim coated on the ceiling. This is because the mud is water based and readily absorbs the stain. The layer of latex priming paint will hide the stain after the mud has dried for 24 hours.
Step 6: Priming with latex paint and applying the knock down texture

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